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Issuing time:2019-12-19 15:15

These quirky lazy household items

"Science and technology change life, lazy people change the world". The progress of science and technology makes our life superior. Every invention and creation is based on people's needs. People have some needs to promote new ideas, such as washing machines, telephones, cars are invented by "lazy people", just because people's life needs, so there is the birth of lazy tools! These strange lazy household products are surprisingly easy to use

It has to be said that "lazy people" have innovative thinking and creativity. Now many small tools can also make our home life more convenient. No matter travel, office or daily life at home, it can't do without lazy tools.

There are many ways to relieve the pressure of modern people's life, and many people know how to enjoy life. Do you find that there are some very interesting lazy artifact in our life, which can make us do things more easily. For example, cut fruit. With such a tool, you can not only cut the fruit evenly, but also save time and effort

Today, I'd like to introduce some "lazy person" tools that make it more convenient for us to do something at home.

Girls have a habit of eating melon seeds. If they are too lazy to put their hands into the garbage can, let's see this creative plastic plate of melon seed shells. You can put melon seeds on the top, and you can put the finished melon seed shells on the bottom, so you don't have to listen to your mother's nagging any more.

Dumplings are essential food for the Spring Festival, but how to make beautiful dumplings is a technical work, but this stainless steel model can quickly make dumplings into shape, beautiful dumplings in one go, very simple.

When you use a knife to cut an apple, you always have many knives, and they are not even and good-looking. Then this artifact is specially prepared for cutting an apple. You only need to press it a little harder to evenly separate the pulp from the walnut. It's convenient to prepare one at home.

I can't afford to stay in bed when I don't go to work on weekends. It's really nice to browse computers! This lazy artifact is really a favorite of many otaku men and women. With it, you can play games and watch videos in bed. You don't need to sit in a chair and tumble back and forth anymore. Besides, there is a place to eat. Its invention really benefits the lazy.

In my spare time, I want to lie down and bask in the sun, and enjoy the pleasant time. It's the best fit for me to put on the balcony, because it's small and foldable.

Holding a tablet with your hand, you will ache without waving your arm. Tablet computer bracket can help you solve this problem and free your hands. Whether it's on the table, on the head of the bed or on the wall, it can let you watch large movies freely. It's so simple to be a lazy person.

The creative automatic toothpaste squeezer adopts the principle of vacuum compression, does not need to use the power supply, does not need two hands to operate the toothpaste squeezer, controls the toothpaste extrusion amount according to the pushing depth of the extrusion button, and pushes the toothpaste gently with one hand. Such a novel thing is practical and convenient. What are you waiting for? Move your fingers quickly and help you brush your white teeth easily every day!

The most embarrassing thing about being a housewife is to show a failed knife in front of her guests. never mind! This multi-functional kitchen cutter has 6 blades of different choices. It can cut all kinds of ingredients easily, which can make you challenge the chef's knife. Nice and delicious chips can be easily made at home. 1.5mm thin film, can also be used to apply mask! Safety, environmental protection and health, you deserve to have.

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