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Issuing time:2019-12-19 15:18

Fun! The most boring household items in history

When decorating at home, we always hope to make our home beautiful and practical. We have searched many beautiful pictures of home as a reference, but there are always some things that look beautiful, and all the beautiful ideas are disillusioned once we move in. Today, ah Jin, I want to tell you about some furniture that looks practical but actually is very chicken ribs, which may include If God gives me another chance, I will say three words to myself: don't be impulsive!

Lazy sofa

Ah Jin, I wanted to buy a lazy sofa and live a relaxed life all over the world, but I didn't think that I could only be paralyzed when I was paralyzed on the lazy sofa, because my eyes were looking up. If I wanted to read some books, I had to hold my hands up. My arms were very sore after a long time, but I could have a little friend who would say why I didn't look down. Even if I read down, my chin would not only be squeezed Three layers, and my cervical vertebra will become uncomfortable, for a long time will be short of cerebral blood supply dizzy!

Hanging chair

I used to be obsessed with this kind of hanging basket, which may be inseparable from the habit of swinging when I was a child. I thought I would sit in the hanging chair, look at my favorite books, and enjoy the lazy afternoon. I could imagine it was beautiful, but the reality was cruel. I wanted to sit on it and read. If I sat down a little, I could not see the whole backlight. It was easy to fall down It's dangerous. I think it's fresh at the beginning. But after a long time, I found it's the most comfortable to fall on the sofa, and the hanging chair has become an open hanger.

Bed end stool

A Jin layer thinks that he can not only put down the clothes he usually wears, but also drink wine and chat on the bench. How comfortable! But in fact, the end of the bed stool has become a pile of dirty clothes. Besides, everyone is used to sitting on the sofa in the living room and chatting. No one wants to sit on the end of the bed stool at all. Moreover, the end of the bed stool, which costs thousands of yuan, is not easy to use. Ah Jin, when I walk, I will knock my leg. It's super painful!


At the beginning, I was very excited when I installed the bathtub at home. I thought that I could enjoy the music and red wine bath every day when I came home from work. As a result, I was too young! The number of bathtubs used is very small. Every time before I wash, I have to put a pool of hot water. The small capacity of the water heater in my home needs to be burned three or four times. The most important thing is that I soak in my own bath. Kneeling, I also need to put water to clean and disinfect. I advise you lazy cancer patients to be careful!

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